The Blessings of Bells and Towers
In the Orthodox Tradition

The texts linked below are taken from the Great Book of Needs, Vol. II: The Sanctification of the Temple and Other Ecclesiastical and Liturgical Blessings (expanded and supplemented ed., transl. from the Church Slavonic with notes by St. Tikhon's Monastery, South Canaan, Pennsylvania: 1998).

Blessing the Foundations of a New Bell Tower

Blessing a New Bell Tower

Blessing, Naming, and Chrismating a Bell

— We have supplemented this latter text, provided in the Great Book of Needs, with the prayers for the naming and chrismation of a bell, which are given in the Euchologion, or Trebnik published in Zhovkve (1926), pp 355-367. This additional material appears in brackets.

Please note also that we have corrected the first sticheron in Tone 2 at the end of the service (p. 191 in the Great Book of Needs), so that it makes sense. The punctuation and wording of the version in the book make the sound of the bell into the cause of God's anger!

Also of note:

Tchin Blagoslovenie Kampany, si est Kolokola, ili Zvona

From the Sluzhebnik of Peter Moghila (large jpg format):

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